Federica Mingolla

Federica Mingolla

Torino, 1994

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She entered the vertical news a few years back being the first Italian woman to climb free on Tom et Je Ris (Verdon) and Digital Crack on the Mont Blanc massif. In life, she is a student of Motor Sciences in Turin (SUISM) as well as professional climber, mountaineer and FASI federal technician.

She was National Athlete from 2000 to 2014: in 2013 she won second place at the Italian Assoluto Lead Championship. She got up to the participation in the Women’s World Cup, but over time her growing love for the mountains has pushed her more and more towards outdoor practice, making her away from the world of sports competitions.

In the last three years, Federica has conquered some important female primates on rock and mixed terrain:

  • 2018: first absolute repeat of “Farewell to the Celibate” in the Park of Gola della Rossa – Genga – Frasassi (8B + max / 6c obbl.250 mt)
  • 2017: first Italian female repetition and second in the world of “La Cattedrale” in Marmolada, Dolomites, (8a + max RS4 800 mt)
  • 2017: First absolute repetition of “Celeste Nostalgia” in Val di Mello, (400 m, 6b and / RS3 + / III)) opened by Prina, Bassani, Moro and Facchinetti in 1985, unrepeated.
  • 2016: the first ever woman to climb free “Through the Fish – Weg durch den FISCH” (7+, A2 (7b +)), with the Bresciano mountaineer Roberto Conti;
  • 2015: the first Italian woman and second in the world to have climbed one of the most difficult walls on MonteBianco, Digital Crack 8a – Arete des Cosmiques;
  • 2014: first Italian woman and third in the world to climb Tom et je Ris, 8b + of 60 m in the Verdon Gorges;

He tells about herself: “The rock for me was a revelation. The type of climbing that fascinates me most and I like to practice is one of the most mental and dangerous. It’s called TRAD or traditional climbing and it’s what you often find in the mountains, the one practiced by the first wall climbers many years ago. To practice this climbing you have to get in perfect harmony with the rock and be mentally firm because of the often distant and sometimes precarious protections “

Today Federica studies, trains and prepares constantly no more to the search of the “degree” on the cliff as to increase their experience and knowledge of the mountain. Her goal is to et more and more strong and true emotions, both in climbing and in mountaineering.